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3 Warning Signs For Dividend Investors

Just because a stock is yielding an above market dividend rate, it may not mean that this stock is a screaming buy. And by above market yield I mean around 3%. I wrote about how to analyze a stock based upon its financial information here, but there are other considerations to make when investing in… Read More »

Investing In Dividends for Passive Income

Investing in dividends are a great way to increase your wealth and passive income. As a dividend investor you gain in two ways: the appreciation of the stock and dividend income. Investing in dividends gives a risk adverse investor a great way to lock in gains, as a bad quarter can erase any unrealized gains in… Read More »

How to Make $1,100 From $10,000 With Dividends

  Dividend income is a great source of passive income. For those who don’t know, dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholders. If you own enough stock, it is possible to live off this dividend income. I will try to make a hypothetical stock portfolio that produces $1,100 a year in dividend… Read More »