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The Power of Compounding Returns: Save $100,000 before you are 30 and you are set

Want to know the power of compounding returns? Einstein called compounding interest, “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. As far as I can tell, money is a renewable resource. A lot of money will make more money, as long as you have time.         I will present to you two scenarios that… Read More »

The Best Kept Secret to Wealth in America: Homeownership

Home ownership has been the secret to wealth in America for generations. Period. While it is debatable whether there is a correlation and not a causation of wealth, the fact is that home ownership is better in the long run than renting (7 or more years). Just check out this statistic: On average in North… Read More »

Planning for Retirement Saving: Your Way To A Debt Free Life

Irrespective of what age you are, you must have found yourself dreaming about retirement, thinking of traveling with your spouse and grandchildren, on a white sandy beach, sipping umbrella drinks and volunteering with your favorite organization. If you were to live in an ideal world, retirement would be everything that you want it to be.… Read More »