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The American Class Structure as defined by wealth

The wealth divide between the rich and poor has been the largest in recent memory. This has especially been exacerbated from the great recession in 2008, as the stock market recovered and the wealthy made back their money while the poor and middle class got wiped out. According to Joseph Kahl and Dennis Gilbert, authors… Read More »

Does Homeownership Make Sense (Even with a Low Interest rate?)

With 30 year fixed mortgages going as low as 3.5%, many would be home owners often jump at the chance of buying a home since “the rates are so low”. The low rates may be enticing to help those homeowners lower their monthly payments but often it leads to problems in the future if this… Read More »

The Best Kept Secret to Wealth in America: Homeownership

Home ownership has been the secret to wealth in America for generations. Period. While it is debatable whether there is a correlation and not a causation of wealth, the fact is that home ownership is better in the long run than renting (7 or more years). Just check out this statistic: On average in North… Read More »