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Passive Income From Dividend Investing

Selecting Stocks Through Fundamental Analysis Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors of our time, had two rules when it came to investing. The first rule was not to lose money. The second rule was not to forget the first. Warren Buffett laid a framework to invest in quality companies, have competitive durable advantages, and that are… Read More »

Money Tree Portfolio Gained 9.4% in 4 months!

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you an update on the money tree portfolio. So far the fund gained 9.4% (without including dividends) since the inception date of March 5, 2013. Wow. This portfolio reflects my philosophy of value investing and dividend investing. I select stocks that I think have a sustainable competitive advantage… Read More »

3 Warning Signs For Dividend Investors

Just because a stock is yielding an above market dividend rate, it may not mean that this stock is a screaming buy. And by above market yield I mean around 3%. I wrote about how to analyze a stock based upon its financial information here, but there are other considerations to make when investing in… Read More »

The Best Businesses to Run From Your Laptop

The best business to run is one that can be managed from the comfort of your laptop with only an internet connection. This means an online business. Until the widespread use of the internet, work meant working in a traditional office/retail setting i.e. waking up early, going to the office, and sitting behind a desk… Read More »

Investing In Dividends for Passive Income

Investing in dividends are a great way to increase your wealth and passive income. As a dividend investor you gain in two ways: the appreciation of the stock and dividend income. Investing in dividends gives a risk adverse investor a great way to lock in gains, as a bad quarter can erase any unrealized gains in… Read More »