A Time to Remember: Wallstreet Crash of 2008

I found this cnbc video on youtube that was recorded at the evening that Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and when Merrill Lynch was sold to Bank of America. This is probably the pinnacle of fear during the financial crisis and a time to remember…how the market is susceptible to market booms and busts, fear and… Read More »

How to select great companies based upon key financial ratios

An investor can quickly assess the financial health and performance of an investment by calculating these key financial ratios when looking at the financial statements of a company. Below are several important ratios to evaluate: Earnings Per Share (EPS) EPS = Net Earnings / Outstanding Shares Earnings per share measures the amount of earnings for each share of stock outstanding. This is… Read More »

A quick way to value a company

Here are a couple ways to value a company to see if it is a good investment or not~ Book value, by subtracting all it owns with all that it owes, you will come up with its worth on paper. For investors like Warren Buffett, they look to buy stocks on sale, so that means… Read More »

The Simple Formula For Success in Real Estate

Looking at the numbers in real estate: Before you identify the several neighborhoods that interest you, you first must set your criteria on what type of rental property you want. Aside from the features of the neighborhood and amenities in the building, you need to treat this property as an investment and analyze the numbers… Read More »