Interview with the Founder of MoneyHero

By | March 4, 2014

The past couple of weeks I was able to connect with Vincent, the founder of Vincent found my site and was very enthusiastic over passive income and entrepreneurship and so he agreed to conduct a Q/A interview for MoneyHero is a financial product review site that helps to inform its readers on financial products such as personal loans, insurance, and credit cards.

So what prompted you to build MoneyHero?

Financial products can be very hard to understand. In line with this, it’s a very time consuming and stressful process to select the right one for you. Take medical insurance as an example, there are so many providers and there are so many variables involved in this product that it causes people an incredible amount of stress to select the right one for them. MoneyHero, through its easy-to-understand comparison tool, educational content and customer service representatives, makes this whole process so much easier – in the process empowering people and helping them to save time and money.

What is your background and professional history?

After graduating from Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), I’ve worked for more than four years at Morgan Stanley in London in equity sales and derivative sales trading. After this came MoneyHero.

Who are your readers typically?

MoneyHero caters to everyone who is looking for a certain financial product and as such our visitor base is very diverse. Obviously, a shared characteristic is that we attract people who are internet savvy, which in practice mostly means people between the ages of 20 and 50.


Can you share any financial advice that you learned from running your website?

Educate yourself! Financial products can be very complex, so it really is important to get yourself into a state of financial literacy before making any choices. Besides educating yourself on the workings of financial products, it can also be extremely useful to read up on money saving tips, managing your personal finance, etcetera. This can really strengthen your own financial position, and will definitely save you a lot of stress.

I definitely agree that educating yourself before making a financial decision is the right choice to make. I want to thank Vincent from moneyhero for allowing us to conduct this interview and post it.

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