Social Currencies Valued in Organizations

By | September 2, 2013

When working in groups and especially in business organizations, it is important to be able to be influential in your group. So how does one become influential? Well, in order to have influence, one must be an integral part of the group. Negotiation is a key social skill, and when one person exhibits a talent or trait that is helpful to the group, then they will receive more attention and status. Here are common social currencies that are valued in any organization. Everyone has the ability to hone in on these skills and make them useful to their respective groups.

Social Currencies:

Vision, being involved in a task that has larger significance for the organization
Excellence, having a chance to do important things well
-Moral/ethical correctness, doing what is right. High moral standards

New resources, obtaining money, budgets, workers, space, supplies
Challenge/learning, doing tasks that increase skills and abilities
Assistance, getting help with existing projects or unwanted tasks
Task support, receiving support on implementing a task at hand
Rapid response, promptness in response
Information, technical knowledge and organizational knowledge

Recognition, receiving recognition for accomplishing something big or having a unique ability
Visibility, being known by the higher-ups in the organization
Reputation, being seen as competent at what you do and committed to the organization
Insiderness/importance, a sense of being part of the group
Contacts, networking with others

Understanding, having your concerns listened to
Acceptance/inclusion, closeness and friendship
Personal support, personal and emotional backing

Gratitude, appreciation or expression of indebtedness
Ownership/involvement, ownership of and influence over important tasks
Self-concept, self aware, affirmation of one’s self
Comfort, avoidance of hassles

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