Monthly Archives: December 2012

How to get a job and why applying for one the traditional way is a waste of time

The advent of the Internet has made submitting information easier and more convenient. With just an internet connection, anyone can fill out a profile and submit it wirelessly. No more need for paper and envelopes! However, I can argue that the Internet has killed the job application process to the point where that system doesn’t… Read More »

The Cost of A Starbucks Coffee a Day

Learning how to budget and save your money is important for being a responsible steward of your finances. When it comes to the little expenses in life, they can quickly add up over time. They key to saving your money is saving on the little expenses. Those small adjustments in your daily routine can save… Read More »

Ebook Announcement: How To Be A Cash Flow Investor

Hello all!   I am announcing the release of a new FREE Ebook, How To Be A Cash Flow Investor. Click HERE for instant free access. Basically this Ebook is life a personal finance coach to help you obtain your dreams of financial independence. In this Ebook I talk about: -Obtaining Assets to create passive income -Step by… Read More »

Investing In Dividends for Passive Income

Investing in dividends are a great way to increase your wealth and passive income. As a dividend investor you gain in two ways: the appreciation of the stock and dividend income. Investing in dividends gives a risk adverse investor a great way to lock in gains, as a bad quarter can erase any unrealized gains in… Read More »

How To Lower Your Student Loans or Even Eliminate Them

Imagine that you are a recent college graduate with a lot of student debt (not a far stretch for most college grads). With your debt piling over you, and the monthly debt service about to begin, you have no choice but to accept a job that pays less than $30,000 a year or $2,000/month after… Read More »