How to Make Passive Income Through Photography

By | May 24, 2012

It is now easier than ever to turn your passion of photography into a money making venture. Aside from being a wedding photographer or a freelancer, I will focus on a passive way to generate income through photography. Nowadays, there are many micro stock photography sites such as Shutterstock, where you can sell your images online.





Take Good Stock Photos:
Obviously you need to take great photos at professional quality or near professional quality in order to be approved to show your photos on Shutterstock’s online inventory.

For those who haven’t heard what stock photography is, stock photography is photography or imagery that can be licensed/sold for specific uses. From graphic artists, designers, advertising agencies, or marketing professionals, many individuals and companies need great stock photos for their websites, books, brochures, and designs. For a company that needs just a few images, it would be unnecessary to hire a professional photographer to create an image. Instead, they can license an image and the photographer is paid a commission. There are many books that talk about how to take good stock photographs, and here are just some of the very basic points. I find this great resource that helps train you to become a professional stock photographer. I have started reading this ebook, and already I see an improvement in my overall photos and my stock photography skills. Get that ebook: HOW TO SELL STOCK PHOTOS

No digital noise:
Make sure your photos are clear, crisp, nicely composed, well lit and most importantly free of digital noise. This means any distortions or blurriness caused by high iso, underexposure, long exposures and over-processing.

No snapshots or tourist-like photos:
Your vacation photos and snapshots simply won’t do in this business. Your photos must be commercially in demand and highly usable for art directors or designers. Once you have made an account on Shutterstock you can take a look at the most popular files to get an idea of what is selling. You can also follow other professional stock photographers to get a sense of what it takes. For some inspiration look at professional sites such as GettyImages and Corbis.

No logo/copyrighted material:
When you’re submitting photos to the microstockphoto agencies, make sure they don’t have any company logos, trademarks, third-party images and brands.

Ask your model to sign a model release:
It is important to have your models sign a model release form if you intend to sell your photos. Each agency has its own standard model release form that you have to fill in and send along with each image containing a recognizable person.

With a good camera in hand, and a sharp eye, you can start taking stock photos and turn your hobby into a money making venture. The great thing about this is that once you have created an image and uploaded it, you can continue to earn money on it as long as it is on the site. Years can pass and you can still make money on the same photo that you took long ago. If you have the skills, this is a great way to make passive income.

Payout for Shutterstock:
For every photo that that gets downloaded and sold, you will get 25 cents. That may sound like a little amount, but it can add up to be a lot over time. That is why it is advantageous to upload many images so you have a better chance of selling more images.

If you are more into video, you can also make money on Shutterstock Video for video contributions.

Can I make a living out of this?

This depends on the level of income you need and your expenses but it is possible to make a living out of this. Here is an idea on your earning potential from the industry. Meet Yuri Arcurs, a full time stock photographer and a university student at Aarchus University. He makes $300/day (times that by 30 days, which is around $9000/month) by selling his photos on Shutterstock alone!! That is a goal that we all should be aiming for because it would be inline (an in most cases above) what most of us spend in a month. Earning 10k a month in passive income is awesome (and it keeps growing if you keep taking photos).

Get the ebook and learn HOW TO SELL STOCK PHOTOS as well as how to take them.

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