Christmas Gift Ideas for Billionaires

By | December 6, 2011

For the person who has everything, what else can you buy? Your billionaire friend may have a limited edition Patek Pilippe watch ($100,000), a Bugatti Veyron ($1,200,000), and a Mansion filled with unique and luxurious artifacts ($$$); but why stop there? Why not buy the best, the most luxurious, and the most unique item you can for you billionaire friend? After all, Christmas is coming soon. This goes against every principle in obtaining and keeping wealth, but its fun to just see how ridiculously expensive the prices are for some of these items.

Take for example a $25,000 dessert, a gold-infused chocolate concoction served in a gold-lined goblet, crowned by a diamond-studded gold bracelet and eaten with a diamond-encrusted golden spoon. The price tag includes all of the accessories but is not on the Guinness World Records yet… The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate from Manhattan’s Serendipity 3 may be the most expensive dessert offered, but does not qualify because no one has purchased it yet. But give it time, it has been out for only 4 years…

Long Clawson Dairy, of Leicestershire, in the U.K., has recently offered the Stilton Gold cheese. This cheese goes on sale for roughly $428 per pound and contains gold leaf and gold liqueur. Its newly produced Stilton Gold cheese—containing gold leaf and gold liqueur—is the world’s most expensive Stilton at £608 per kilogram, or roughly $428 per pound. Clawson introduced Stilton Gold to celebrate the dairy’s hundredth anniversary. It has already received nearly 1,000 inquiries from prospective buyers.

Why not a simple bagel? Boring. Why not get the most expensive bagel in the world; which is priced at $1,000. In 2007, the Westin New York served a $1,000 bagel with white-truffle cream cheese.
For the more affordable and not exclusive to the financially foolish and the rich, there is a $69 hotdog. This “haute dog,” is the world’s most expensive hot dog, featuring duck foie gras pate, plus four ingredients and condiments that contain truffles. Nearly 100 have been sold.

If you want to give something a little more practical you can get a bathtub. This copper bathtub from Kohler isn’t cheap at $69,695. However Kohler also offers a $845,000 bathtub if you want to more excess.
Since I enjoy coffee so much, I thought it would be fun to let you know what the world’s most expensive coffee is. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you but it comes from the droppings from an animal found in Indonesia called the Civet. Yes, thats right. The world’s most expensive coffee is pooped out of an animal no larger than a house cat. These coffee beans are so hard to produce in quantity that it can cost up to $600 per pound and $50 a cup.
It’s fun to read about the most expensive things, but I really wonder who actually buys this stuff.

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    Haha, yes that would be awesome/foolish. Better just to settle for the $69 hotdog once a week…

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