Monthly Archives: December 2011

Obama’s New Student Loan Plan

Graduating from college is a big transition. It means getting a lot more responsibility, and becoming more independent. One thing that is very common among people in their twenties is student debt.  It seems like every college graduate has some. Currently the combined student debt for the United States is projected to be a little… Read More »

Christmas Gift Ideas for Billionaires

For the person who has everything, what else can you buy? Your billionaire friend may have a limited edition Patek Pilippe watch ($100,000), a Bugatti Veyron ($1,200,000), and a Mansion filled with unique and luxurious artifacts ($$$); but why stop there? Why not buy the best, the most luxurious, and the most unique item you… Read More »

NEW Google Wallet

New from Google! Google has recently released the new Google Wallet. With this, you can now use a cell phone to make purchases at brick and mortar stores. It works by securely storing your credit cards on your phone. If you want to make a purchase, simply tap your phone at the register. How amazing… Read More »